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Hear from patients who have taken control of their BP

Many patients are successfully managing their blood pressure (BP) with the help of EDARBI® (azilsartan medoxomil) and EDARBYCLOR® (azilsartan medoxomil/chlorthalidone).

I’m not just 156/110.
I’m Sandee.
I’m not just 160/95.
I’m Shane.
I’m not just 169/96.
I’m Glenn.
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Patient Savings
Powerful products meet powerful savings

Your patients can gain affordable access to EDARBI and EDARBYCLOR regardless of insurance coverage.

A comprehensive suite of savings programs is available for your patients so they can get the prescription treatment they need at a cost they can afford.


Insured Patients*


Cash-Paying Patients

*Eligibility requirements for patients utilizing insurance: This offer cannot be used if a patient is a beneficiary of, or any part of their prescription is covered by: (1) any federal or state healthcare program (Medicare, Medicaid, TriCARE, etc.), including a state pharmaceutical assistance program; (2) the Medicare Prescription Drug Program (Part D), or if the patient is currently in the coverage gap; or (3) has insurance that is paying the entire cost of the prescription. Offer is void where prohibited by law.

†Any patient may opt to take advantage of Azurity’s cash-payment programs; patients must attest the claim is not being billed through insurance. Prescriptions for cash-paying patients will be triaged to Azurity Patient Direct, which is fulfilled by Truax Patient Services. You will receive a call from Truax Patient Services or you may call (844) 289-3981 to inquire about your prescription.

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